Flinthouse - the dream house in the Spessart ( Built 2001 - 2007 )

„Work and celebrate life”

This is the Flinthouse' conception claim.

Such a structure can, for example, also serve
as a space of experience and celebration.

Also in Flint House this is possible, but is due to the permanent office use, almost never realized. (In recent years, 4 or 5 times !!)

In everyday life it provides the infrastructure for up to 16 workstations with the latest communication technology and a server room in the basement.

„Integral architecture” is how we call this archaic style. The house is what Germans describe a „Gesamtkunstwerk” ( a total work of art ), which calls to mind great visionaries like Antoni Gaudi, Rudolf Steiner or André Heller - and, of course, Fred Flintstone.

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